Green Cross (AVI)


Sector: Fashion

Everyday Comfort Footwear Emporium for the family.

Role – Chief Marketing Officer (Marketing Executive)

Brand Refresh, updated value proposition and new CI implemented in 2 and 3D. New store concept and shopping experience.


Increase in Market Share


Increase in Revenue and Profit


Shoes for living (aspirational expression of comfort to ensure the dial was modernized from granny to everyday aspirant fashionable families)

Green Cross is a shoe and foot-care brand founded in 1975 by a German couple living in SA, that designs fashionable and stylish shoes without compromising on quality and comfort. Their shoes are ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. The original identity had a very dated pharmaceutical look; were seen as old-fashioned granny or nurses shoes.


Comfort as a need state was seen as old fashioned or too utilitarian and therefore not fashionable or current. Unpacking comfort and how it makes you feel landed us at a space of comfort = confidence = “shoes for living”. We also built in a functional element of Lauftechnik that the business did not roll out but that we thought was super cool and also linked to the German heritage of the founders and the German heritage of great technology (from cars to footwear like Birkenstocks).


We evolved a new brand identity with strong quality & stylish comfort cues based on a new symbol depicting the journey with the G.