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We help you to transform while performing

 Hi, my name is Tania and I started a boutique omnichannel growth and innovation advisory to make a difference in the world, one insight at a time. Our model is unique in that we are a virtual network of individuals with a similar mindset who are visionaries, creators, new age thinkers, wordsmiths, digital geeks, music makers, artists and new business model whizzes, who believe the world can be a better place for us all, if we focus on the right things. We  curate bespoke teams  who love to work with our growing clientele. Our team is eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment.  

My Colleague Britt felt I needed to have a Bio written by someone and in the third person - so here is a  snapshot of my journey thus far .....

Tania is a change agent with over 25 years of experience with and for (within) blue chip as well as small and medium sized business across multiple categories as a CEO or CMO. She has assisted local and international teams in clarifying their business intent and vision, solving complex business problems and transforming brands through holistic omnichannel solutions ensuring that every business she works with is future fit.


She sees innovation, redefinition of business, blue ocean strategy and digitisation as an open invitation for future fit organisations. With a strong value creator mindset, her deep business insight, tangible understanding of business models (with a passion for converting historic “brick and mortar” brands into online/offline ecosystems), Tania has successfully transformed brands from mediocre performers into serious category challengers, whilst ensuring ongoing operational revenue (transform while performing), driving triple bottom-line and true shareholder value.


Her mindset and programmes have always included elements of sustainability and giving back through leading edge thinking ahead of its time. She believes in living with purpose and creating corporate social value versus CSI and it is very close to her heart. The multiple awards she has won for various campaigns that she has initiated are a testament to true value they have added.


Her biggest achievements though are those linked to human realisation and inspiring purpose. Her ability to transform teams and organisations while performing has enabled impact that is immediate. She wins the hearts of people internally and externally inspiring the impossible by shining the light of what is magical within each of us believing we lead and innovate from every chair.


Tania is a firm believer in taking personal time to recharge and reflect as this allows for clarity of thought. As an ex marathon and ultra-marathon runner, her undeniable love for nature, you will find her running and hiking through the mountains and streets of her beloved city. Being in nature gives her balance and peace. Tania has a zest for life and this is seen in the way she cooks, spending quality time with family and friends. Travel is a huge passion and she is always planning an adventure of sorts.  Next stop? An idyllic beach with good swell to practice her new found hobby surfing.