Boss Dog Food

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Repositioned brand from economy dog food grudge purchase to vet endorsed mainstream quality dog food with Peak protection (5 great health benefits for dogs) made with human grade ingredients (started this movement publicly tasting the food) and focused on creating a living case study adopting a stray and feeding it Boss to full health.

Rescue dogs core brand heart land using real life case study as platform.



Brand voltage from 0 to above 80% on consideration


Increased brand awareness and trial


Market share, sales and profitability increased from decline to growth at double digits

The original Boss packaging was dull and uninspiring and viewed by the consumer as a cheap and nasty economy dog food product. We redesigned the identity to be bold and powerful and easily seen on a supermarket shelf. Humour and personality was brought into the packaging by creating the Boss crest with the line ‘100% Tasty’, supported by vivid bands of colour to differentiate the flavours. After 2 years we updated the packaging to add a more scientific slant.

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